Shahrul’s life changing smile: Dr Mawarni

Shahrul came to our clinic recently with high hopes. He had been postponing his dental check up due to dental anxiety. He was not sure and confident as to which clinic to go that could solve his dental problems.

He found our clinic through Instagram. After browsing through cases that our team posted, he gained the courage and confidence to set an appointment with me.

Shahrul is a good looking guy. However, he was very shy to smile due to some defects of his front teeth. He had one of his tooth taken out years ago due to cavity. He also had a blackish central incisor tooth. He had been wearing denture ever since he had missing front tooth.

After I did a thorough check up, I explained about his dental problem in detail. He needed scaling and some fillings for his back teeth.

As for the front teeth, the dark tooth was because there was an untreated cavity /caries. The cavity had cause the bacteria to make their way into the tooth’s root and cause the tooth to become non vital (death of the tooth) and infected. The blackish appearance was because of the breakdown of red blood cells within the tooth.

Top: Before , Bottom: After


I proposed him to do 2 composite veneers to close the gap. This was because, the gap was too small to fit a normal size of a lateral incisor tooth. As for the black coloured tooth, I proposed him to do root canal treatment to control the infection followed by a crown. We discussed and decided on the treatment plan together.

Side view: Top- Before Bottom- After

Shahrul patiently came for the procedures as scheduled for him. As a result of his determination, he finally got his ‘handsome-looking’ smile. His brand new smile had changed his life for the better. He was more confident to smile and was no more shy like the first time he stepped into the clinic. He planned to bring his wife for dental check up with us too.

A smile is a curve that sets other things in life straight. Thank you Shahrul for trusting us. Now you could get rid of the denture and don’t have to think twice to smile!

Feel free to email me at for enquiry. I will be more than happy to assist you.


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