A mother’s desire to be pretty-Dr Gan

One of the benefits of being a dentist is that I get to meet different people with different backgrounds.

There are always stories that are very inspiring. One of the stories that I never get bored is being a mother, and today’s story is about a tough mother who is determined to change her smile.

I met this young and tough mother, Miss Super Mother in early of August. She came accompanied by her husband, asking for my help as she was not very happy about her teeth.

When I looked at her, I saw a tired young lady with deep dark circles. So I asked her if she was too stressed out. She then told me about her busy life as a working mother with two children; PLUS EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEEDING her four-month-old. They did not have any helper at home and she was very exhausted. Nevertheless, this did not stop her desire to improve her look. Moreover, she wanted to look even better under the tough situation.

Miss Super Mother had few things that she wasn’t happy about her teeth:

  • One of the front teeth was sticking out
  • The upper teeth were not aligned. Some were in front and some were hiding behind.
  • The left tooth at the corner of her mouth looked very small, almost unseen when she smiled


I discussed a few treatment options with her. Advantages and disadvantages were explained to her. Finally, we decided to change her look with composite veneers and immediate fibre-reinforced bridge to replace her right front tooth.

Composite veneers were done to make her left canine looks bigger and more balance as the first step.

On a second visit, she came early in the morning to extract the right front tooth. In the afternoon, fibre-reinforced bridge was done to replace that tooth.

A few days later, Miss Super Mother came for a touch up to make the whole makeover looks more natural.

Finally, on the last day of treatment, final adjustments were carried out for all the makeover works.

When I asked her how she felt, she said it seemed like a looooong…process to her, but it was worth all the time spent. Looking back at the date, we actually just used 12 days to change her smile totally. She was very happy and she no longer had worry when she smiled. The result of her makeover made our week!

Should you have the same problem, feel free to email me @ ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com


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6 years ago

i have missing teeth in front-lower-2,i shaking-if new ones will it be costly