New Addition To The Family – Dr. Tan

Greetings everyone! Yes I am the newest addition here in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah (KPF).


Perhaps, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dr. Tan Swee Ling, the eldest and only daughter in the family of five with 2 younger brothers.


Although I grew up with boys, my mother made sure my feminine side was well nurtured with ballet & piano classes.

Batchmates, all pumped up for KKM compulsory service.


Being the first and only sibling to venture into the healthcare field was never easy with over-the-top expectations from the family.  However, I have no regrets.


I graduated from Penang International Dental College with BDS, a twinning program with sister university, Vinakaya Missions University in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.


How Segamat’s small town vibes  bring everyone together



I then continued my journey as a young dentist in Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia for almost 2 years in a small pleasant town called Segamat, Johor. Finally I am here, at KPF Menara Centara.



Dentistry, in fact, in every field, is a life-long learning journey. Although already practicing, I am still actively attending courses to further improve, or shall I say, fine-tune my skills and to better equip myself with the current knowledge to provide the best dental experience for you.


Why Klinik Pergigian Fauziah?

Well, first and foremost, I have been Dr. Fauziah’s patient since I was a little girl. Surprise, surprise! Under her care, my teeth has always been in tip-top condition! Dr. Fauziah has always been very gentle and caring to me, hence I had always looked forward to the regular check-ups with her.


Fast forward to 20 odd years later, I am now a qualified dentist. Dr. Fauziah has always been like an aunty to me. Hence, when she got to know that I have graduated, she was very kind enough to offer me a place here in KPF. Well, the rest was history.


Being part of a Dr. Fauziah’s Dream Smile Team, I have been gifted with another family. Family members who support one another wholeheartedly, be it for work or personal matters.


Everyone here in KPF is unique and talented in their own way in providing the best possible experience for patients.


I would like to make a shout out to Dr. Mawarni & Dr. Sheril as well here in KPF Menara Centara for always passionately guiding me to better improve myself as a clinician. Thank you KPF, for having me.


Again, thank you Dr. Fauziah for this opportunity to be part of the Dream Smile Team.


Ps: For any further enquiries, do forward them to me at

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