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Have you ever had the experience of sitting next to a hairstylist but not sure if what he proposed suits you? For me, the answer is always “YES, I DOUBT IT!!!” I delay going for haircut as I am fear that I may look uglier with new look. I pray hard for an invention that can immediately show me the result before I really committed to it.

Do you have the same headache before visiting a dentist?

Mr Shah had this headache before visiting us. He hesitated to come as he was doubtful if he could be the swan.

His immediate concern was his crooked front teeth plus one missing front tooth since young. It affected his confidence level and he was shy to show his teeth when he smiled.

During his first visit, he shared his concern and wondered what we could offer him. We spent time to discuss what he did not like about his teeth and what was his expectation. Then, we continued with examination and investigation. With that, I proposed a few treatment options. However, it was hard for him to visualize my proposals. Hence, I offered him to do mock up cases to help him.

Analyzing the case of Mr Shah


After a week, Mr Shah returned and I showed him the mock ups.

Left: Two big crowns and a veneer to cover the gap and straighten the teeth
Right: Replace the missing tooth with bridge and straighten the teeth 


This time it was much easier as he could understand exactly about my proposals. We discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of each options. We discussed about what he liked and disliked about the models. Before making final decision, he took some photos to discuss with his family.

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both choices with Mr Shah


After making his decision, we proceeded with treatment. The process of makeover was smooth as both of us knew what to expect for the final result.

The beautiful smile of Mr Shah after completed his treatment

From this case, I realized the importance of helping patient to visualize the proposed treatment. This will put both patient and I on the same page. By doing that, the communication and discussion are more effective. Moreover, it reduces patient’s uncertainty.

If you wish to know what to expect for your dental treatment, please do not hesitate to book an appointment for a consultation session with me @

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