Rosmaedah’s New Smile – Dr Tan

Ms Rosmaedah walked into the room, looking rather anxious.

“Hello Ms Rosmaedah!”, I greeted. “How can I help you today?”


After a rather lengthy discussion, I gathered that she would like her smile fixed.

She confessed she is never comfortable smiling with her teeth shown because the existing fillings were quite obviously discoloured and in a rather unpleasant shape.

Oh, and she complained of a toothache on the lower right molar too.


I simply assured her that her smile can be fixed in the same visit. Composite veneers.

“Would it take long? Because I have a meeting to attend later in the afternoon”, asked Ms Rosmaedah.

Given the time we had, and I wouldn’t want her to miss her meeting, we agreed on 4 veneers first.

And this was the result.

She was absolutely delighted to see this! I did advised she needs to get the adjacent teeth done as well to have a uniform smile. She agreed and to be done in her next appointment.

Of course, I had her molar filled too.


Before she left, she mentioned she looked up at for me when she got to know I’ll be attending to her.

Sorry Ms Rosmaedah, this is my first case blog, and I shall dedicate this to you.


I’m very glad I’ve made her happy and I’ve restored her confident smile again.
A very productive Monday today has turned out to be.

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2 years ago

Tq so much Dr Tan for this beautiful writing…