It’s never too late to be pretty – Dr Gan

It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy. This is a quote by the American actress, Jane Fonda. I love it! You only live once, so why live with regret?

Emma is a mid-40s from Muar, Johor. Yes, you did not read wrongly. She came all the way from Muar, Johor for her makeover. She was determined and believed that it’s never too late for her to be very pretty.

She was not happy with her front teeth as one of her front teeth was trapped behind the lower teeth. She also thought that the right lateral incisor looked too big.

One of the upper front teeth was trapped behind

Emma did a lot of research before she came to us. She showed me tons of pictures from her research and shared her thoughts with me. We went thought different treatment options and discussed about pros and cons of each options. Finally, she decided that she preferred gingivectomy and composite veneers to straighten her front teeth.

The whole process took us quite some time as a lot of discussions and alterations before the final result. However, I always thought that the time spent for makeover was worth it in order to achieve desired result. Also, Emma came all the way from Johor and I wanted to make sure that she was 100% happy before leaving the clinic.

Finally, after rounds and rounds of cigarettes by the anxious husband outside clinic, Emma was good to leave the clinic.

Happy Emma after the makeover procedures!

Emma got her new pretty smile at her mid-40s, what are you waiting for?

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