Troubled Spacing Gone! – Dr Tan

Hello beautiful smiles!

It’s the end of October now. It has already been 2 months being part of the Klinik Pergigian Fauziah family. How fast time flies!

Because smile makeover is practically what we’re known for, I have to say it has been a pleasure creating beautiful smiles for those I’ve crossed paths with, and thank you for having me do so.


Zahidah came to me for consultation 2 weeks before and was very concern about the spacings between teeth, and that made her very insecure with her smile, let alone to laugh from ear to ear.

I’ve explained to her that braces can close those spaces but because she has naturally small teeth, her smile wouldn’t be as charming even after going through 2 years of braces. Crowns however are over-budget for her. Hence, we agreed on Composite veneers.

Zahidah’s tranformation!

Voilà! Happy patient, happy me.


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