New smile for future groom: Dr Nik

In our country the longest school holidays start from mid November till early January. The approaching school holidays normally means that we will have a lot of kids coming in for their dental check up and treatment. Apart from that, since there will be a lot of weddings ceremony during this holiday, we too will normally get a lot of future brides and grooms coming in for their scaling (teeth cleaning), whitening and also dental makeover.

Before veneer treatment

Last week, I had a patient who came in for a check up and consultation regarding his teeth. He is a future groom and has been wanting to have nice straighter teeth. He had been procrastinating the treatment for years and finally his just around the corner wedding made it happen.

After veneer treatment

Since braces is not an option due to time constraint, I proposed composite veneers instead. I did a very quick mock up on him and he immediately agreed to the treatment.

With just 4 composite veneers in less than 1.5 hours, I managed to give him a straighter teeth and he was so happy with the final result.

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