Incredible Transformation For The Groom’s Father : Dr Sheril

Before Makeover

Everyone desires beautiful smile.  This include Mr Idris, a father of a groom whose wedding will be held on the 2nd December this year!  Yes it is approaching soon and Mr Idris knows that he has to do something with his teeth.  Why?  Simply because he will be meeting many people on his son’s big day! Of course he too wants to look nice!


Before Makeover


So, he made a visit to see me in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah Menara Centara about two and a half months ago.  Luckily he came and see me slightly early as we managed to pull out one of his front tooth which was very loose.  When his tooth was pulled out, there were sufficient time of at least 2 months which was needed for optimum healing of the wound and gum before we could do any permanent prosthesis, which in his case a Fiber Reinforced Composite Resin Bridge.


Incredible Transformation!

Thus, while waiting for the optimum healing to take place, we gave him a temporary denture.  After 2 months had passed, Mr Idris came again to get his bridge done.  Now, the cosmetic makeover journey begins!  Took us about 2 hours to get the bridge done plus a composite veneer so that the result is even better.




Incredible Transformation!

Mr Idris’s response was priceless when he saw the final result of the makeover.  He was shocked as he felt that he looks much younger now!  What more is that the bridge is fixed onto his teeth, not like the denture which so inconvenient, being loose and removable every time.  We were very happy for him and now he can meet up with all his friends on his son’s wedding day with so much confident!



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