Have you “Zoom”? – Dr Gan

It is November finally!!! Finally the year end promo begins!

For the followers who had been following us, they already knew about our year end whitening promo. Our 2017 year end promotion is about teeth whitening at a reduced price of RM1600 (original price: RM1800) plus free scaling (worth RM150). The promotion starts from 1st November and ends on 30th December 2017.


On the first day of November, I welcomed the forever young mummy, MooMoo for her teeth whitening and makeover. MooMoo is a mother to four lovely daughters. Now that all her daughters had grown up, it is time for her to find her beauty and shine!

MooMoo had been waiting for this session since October. In fact, her original appointment was set to be on 4th November, but she was too excited about this and called to bring forward her appointment to the very first day once our promotion flags off.

Without much delay, we began the whitening and composite veneers procedure.

Before whitening, MooMoo teeth are quite yellowish in color











After teeth whitening, before composite veneers














Finally , we are ready to show MooMoo her sparkling teeth!

When I handed her mirror, she said “Oh gosh! Is too shinny!! It blinks! I could not see!! Hahaha!!!”

Happy MooMoo with her sparkling teeth


MooMoo had “Zoom”, what are you waiting for?

For more inquiry, please contact me at ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com

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