Leap of Faith – Dr. Aaron Lai

Hi KPF’s fans! We are known for creating beautiful smiles since 198x. It’s no accident if you ponder upon us from Google, Facebook or Instagram when you search for a reliable dentist that you can trust. Recently, I participated in a training camp where I’m faced with a challenge called “Leap of Faith” where I’m are required to climb up a 20 ft tall tree and at the end of the edge of the tree, state my name then declare and ask myself “what are you committed to before 2017 ends”.

I declared out to the world I’m committed to transform 20 individual’s life by creating a new smile makeover for them before 2017 ends.


So this is one of my case where I do a smile makeover for her.

She 1st came to me asking for help, she wanted something fast so I list down all the option available to her. She then, decided to do crown and bridges to fix her problem.








Ready to be issued
After wax up to see mock results!













So folks! What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with me to transform your life today at KPF Publika branch.




Dr Aaron Lai
Smile makeover dentist

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