The Winning Smile: Dr Dini

I’m always happy if I received a referral  from any of my previous patients. It means that the patient was happy  with my treatment and it makes me aware of how much trust they placed in me as their dentist. This was the case of Betty. Betty knew about us from her friend who visited us previously and was happy with the result. Betty also checked our Instagram page and was amazed with what she saw and that had made her booked an appointment with us.

Betty has a friendly and bubbly personality. On the day of her appointment, she was all smiles and chatty. Yet, I could sense her nervousness. Once she sat on the dental chair,  I asked her, what was her concern. Instead of replying my question, she pointed to her upper front teeth.


“Please fix this doctor. I have a job interview in less than one week and I need to look good.” She said.

I smiled  and reassured her at the same time. I also explained to her that I need to do the routine examination before giving her the best treatment option. After completing the initial examination, we chit-chat for a while and I got to know that she had represented our beloved country in ‘Sepak Takraw’ during the previous SEA games.

As you can see, Betty had a badly broken down upper teeth that I would say will draw peoples’  attention to it. By doing veneers I can help to make it look nicer. I proposed that we do four veneers on the upper teeth to get good result.

In less than two hours, I completed the treatment and I passed her a mirror for her to look at her own reflection. She smiled from ear to ear. (I take it as a sign of satisfaction)


“Wow!!! I love it doctor,” she told me. It was whiter and straighter like she always dreamt of.

Before Betty went off, I reminded her to keep flashing her new smile.

“Yes I will Doctor. Thank you,” she said.” I have a match with Indian national team this weekend  and I’m going to flash this smile to them.” She added. I laughed and asked her to inform us if she did win the match. One week later, she sent a Whatsapp message and told us that the Malaysian team had won the match against the Indian team.

Well done girls!

So… if you know anyone with the same condition like Betty had, do email me at


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