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Hi beautiful smiles,

How has your week been? Hope it was a productive & fruitful one for you.

As for myself, there was this young girl, who left me a lot to think about.

This patient was very concern with her crowded front teeth. Subsequently, that made her very conscious of her smiles. Very often, she will smile without revealing her teeth. You will probably understand her plight if you have the same fate.

After a thorough examination of her oral condition, I knew right away that Orthodontic treatment is the best option for her, in other words, all she needed was braces.

However, as much as she understands that this is the best solution around, the thought of metals and wires in her mouth for an extended duration is something she can’t endure. She is also looking for a quicker and affordable solution.

Hence, looking at her situation, I formulated the next best solution for her. Option B involves cutting perfectly good tooth structure, placing filling materials, to mask the actual shape, form & arrangement of her natural teeth.


As a dentist, I will always encourage my patients to remain their natural teeth, which means as for the above patient, Option A is always an Orthodontic treatment. Keeping her teeth the way it is, but moving them into alignment, giving her the most aesthetically pleasing smile. All done without the need to alter the natural structure of each tooth.

Yes, Orthodontic Treatment will take time, but it’s time worth taking. Just imagine, that you can straightened your teeth naturally, with no unnecessary work done on your pearly whites. That is what I want for this young girl.

However, I do understand there is a price and sacrifices to pay, in the pursuit of dental perfection. Hence, I always respect a patient’s choice to experience whichever treatment path they chose, like this young girl who opted for Option B.

If you have anyone who has a similar problem, and is very keen on having their teeth straightened, please do contact me at I will be open to give you the best solution possible, catered to your needs and condition.

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