Five stars service creating beautiful smile -Dr Gan

Ada is a young and pretty girl who attended to our clinic last Saturday. She is a very soft spoken and polite girl that makes everyone who spoke to her felt that spring is in the town. On top of that, she is a very intelligent engineer, but yet very humble when I asked about her qualification. Overall, I will say that it was a very delightful conversation with this sweet girl.

However, there was one thing that had been bothering her. She was not very happy about her teeth and felt shy to smile bright. She was upset about the spaces between her upper front teeth and hoped that composite veneers can fix her problem.

Upon examination, I noticed that there was general spacing between few of her upper teeth. Furthermore, the old fillings color that did not match her tooth color made the fillings stood out and caught attention when she smiled.

Ada was not happy with the spaces between her upper teeth. I was upset with the old fillings that did not blend in well


Another view slightly from right
View from left















After explaining the procedures of how composite veneers worked, we proceeded to fix Ada’s problems.

With my magic wand (composite veneers for 4 teeth), I gave Ada the most beautiful smile that she deserved. Now she has no more fear to smile from ear to ear.


Happy Ada with her fixed teeth
View from left after composite veneers
View from right after composite veneers













When we asked her about the outcome, she was so delighted and said “This is so beautiful, and the service is five stars!”

Ada could not stop smiling and I could not stop smiling. I had just created two beautiful women in the world, Ada and I.

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