Smile Makeover : Dr Sheril Aida

We could see obvious midline gap before makeover was done.


Miss Hayati always wanted to close the gap on her upper middle front teeth. She has always been admiring people with a nice sets of teeth but she is not interested in wearing braces. She wants some fast solution just to close the middle gap. Since that is her only concern, plus she is not keen in wearing braces, I suggested her to go for a composite veneer.


In a joking mode I asked her, “ Are you sure u want to close the gap Hayati? Because in America’s Next Top Model show, this gap (which is also known as Median Diastema) could be one of the unique feature for that model … And she straight away laughed at my statement, and told me that she still wants the gap to be close.



Beautiful smile was created with Composite Veneer!


In less than 1 hour, I managed to close the middle gap. It was just a simple makeover and most importantly this Composite Veneer treatment is PAINLESS! Patient could even sleep on the dental chair during the treatment. Now look how gorgeous her smile has become. Miss Hayati was mesmerized by the result when she took a look in the mirror. She did not expect such simple makeover could make a big different in her smile! All of us could see how happy and grateful she was on that day … and so we were all happy for her…


For those who has similar condition and would want to have the same treatment …

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