Fahkrul Afiq’s Zoom! Whitening – Dr. Tan

Hello Beautiful Smiles,

How was your week? The holiday season is drawing near! I bet you guys are busy chasing sales and happily spending your moolas on your desired items, and preparing to welcome the festive season!

Speaking of sales, we are having a Zoom! Whitening Year End Promotion!

Just a few days ago, Fahkrul Afiq got to know about our awesome deal on whitening, he agreed on it with no hesitation.

He complained about these white patches with yellow staining on his upper front teeth, thus causing him to be very conscious to smile with his teeth shown.

After a thorough examination and consultation, Fahkrul Afiq agreed on the year end whitening promotion which includes free scaling, as our first step of treatment planned.

One Hour Later…

Whitening done!

Would you like to experience the same transformation as Fahkrul Afiq?

Be quick to make an appointment with our bubbly clinic managers, or you have any queries, contact me at tansweeling@story.drfauziah.com.

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3 years ago

Hi Dr. I’ve been wanting to do teeth whitening treatment. May I know the total price of the treatment?