Trust me, I’m a Doctor – Dr. Shanaz

In this modern age, information has become ever more accessible. Anything and everything can be accessed or found in the internet nowadays. A simple click of a button will allow you to gain access to thousands and thousands of books, recordings, notes, journals, articles and research papers. And as a result, we keep hearing that famous line, “Don’t trust everything you read on the internet!”. Especially when it comes to medical or health related issues.

But then again, we’re only human. Every once in a while you see a convincing article that is line with what you believe or want to believe in. Usually it’s the wordings, but most of the time, it’s the pictures that hooks the readers. The companies who generate these falsely advertised pictures and articles pry on us who are bought by the fancy graphics, multiple comments and inappropriately used catch phrases.

There are however some sites on the internet that do portray correct, legit and proper medical information as well as serve as a platform for medical and dental professionals to continue their never-ending education. Reputable official sites such as PubMed, Cochrane, Medscape and many others serve to help filter, store, and share approved medical journals and articles that have been researched and approved by medical bodies across the world.

As medical and dental professionals, it’s up to us to educate and inform patients about these false journals and wrongly advertised medical miracles. Though, some information may be true to a certain extent, but not all are in the same page. Most try to bombastically enhance and refine their claims to be miraculous and breakthroughs, so impossible, that it’s too true to be real.

A piece of advice to patients who seek information on their medical and dental diseases or problems, the best way is still to seek a medical or dental professional, meet them face to face to receive a proper consultation and a full check up. This way, the patient can express all his/her concerns and the doctor with all their experience, knowledge and capability should be able to come up with a conclusion, a treatment plan, other treatment options or at least a referral.

After all, we did earn that tile.

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