Linda gets her ‘Evil’ smile: Dr Mawarni

Linda had made her appointment with me via our website recently. She complaint of loose tooth that caused difficulty in biting on her upper right back tooth. She also hated her yellowish, short teeth. She even showed me a smile of a British actor for me to mimic the shape and sizes of her future smile.

“I want my fang to be long like him Doctor,” she said.

“You are the 3rd person that I encountered who requested for prominent fangs. The other two were guys. You are the first lady to do so.. most ladies wanted their fang to look less obvious or blunt,” I said.

” I guess I am different Doctor. My friend said I am crazy to make such decision,” she said.

Linda also requested to have the whitest color for her composite veneers. I had chosen the most white that we have which was the “Bleach White” shade composite from Shofu.

“Are you sure you want this white? This is very white you know,” I asked her again to reconfirm her decision.

“Yes Doctor, I want that most white color,” she said with a very confident tone.

As her main priority coming was due to improve her smile by composite veneers, I had decided to complete that treatment first to make her happy.

So my mission was to make her teeth look longer and extremely white. 😉

“I love it Doctor!! Oh My God, I look sooo sooo coool. I like my evil look Doctor,” she said after admiring her brand new smile for the first time.

She had 6 composite veneers done, which were from upper right canine to left canine. I advised her to do the lower teeth and up until her premolar teeth as well.

This was because the difference in color between her natural teeth and the new veneers was too obvious and people will definitely notice that she did something to her teeth. She also has a wide smile up until the premolar.

She came back about 2 weeks later to adjust her canine teeth to be more prominent and take out the problematic loose tooth.

What I have learnt from doing her case is, definition of beauty is very subjective. It is not about what I think, but what she wants.

Of course as a dentist, I will give my own personal opinion of what I think will be a beautiful smile. However, at the end of the day, your satisfaction of the end result is what matters the most. You are the one who will carry that smile :-).

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder indeed!

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~Dr Mawarni


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