life changing smile for Patricia: Dr Mawarni

Patricia came to Menara Centara branch recently. Her hometown is in Sarawak and she is working with Petronas. She took the opportunity to come on Friday as it was the Saturday’s public holiday replacement.

As she sat on the dental chair, I could sense that she was a bit nervous. She wanted a 2nd opinion regarding the treatment options  available to improve her smile. She complaint that she had to be less  cheerful and covered her teeth whilst she smiled. She rarely smiled and it really affected her confidence.

I took some close up photos of her smile from 3 different angles. Patricia was not blessed to have a complete set of permanent teeth. As a result, she retained some of her front primary/milk teeth.

The retained milk teeth were obviously short, small and not proportionate with the rest of the permanent teeth. She never had any tooth ache before and the teeth were very firm in place.

I proposed her to do at least 4 composite veneers to improve the shapes and sizes of the small teeth. Deep down, I really hoped she decides to do it on that same day because I could not wait to make her happy and boost her confidence. I could imagine the end result and how the new appearance could make a lot of difference to her smile and life.

It took me about 90 mins to complete her treatment.

As I passed the mirror to her, she was so happy with the result.

“It doesn’t look fake. It looks very natural..I should have got this done a long time ago. I kept thinking about the cost. Then, finally I changed my mind and decided to invest for my new smile. Thank you so much Doctor!! I will recommend my family and friends to come here,” she said.




There was no sign of anxiety and frustration on her face after the treatment.

I was so glad that she had made that huge leap. A leap to change her smile and life!

Your smile is priceless. It can affects your character and self esteem. So, if your teeth or smile stops you from being happy and being yourself, be brave and take the steps to change like what Patricia did! Trust me, it will be worth it! 😉😉

Email me at for more enquiries.

~Dr Mawarni

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