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In my last blog post, I was talking about different types of smile and concluded that a wide smile where teeth are shown is the most beautiful smile. However, there are some people who just can’t laugh to their heart content as they are not confident with their teeth.

Jolin is a pretty and talented photographer. She enjoys photography and always takes portrait for others. She has a group of Instagram followers and she occasionally will post her own pictures as well. However, she was troubled that her followers felt a distance with her because she never smiles wide in all her pictures. She felt sad about it as she in fact is a very friendly person but she dared not smiled wide since she was not confident at all with her teeth. People always commented that she was very pretty but her teeth were crooked. After a while, she started to smile with her mouth closed.

Front view before composite veneers
Left views before composite veneers







Right view before composite veneers









The troubled photographer explained to me that she went to many different dentists to seek for a solution. Most of them advised her to put on braces to fix her problems, but Jolin was not very fond with the idea as the procedures required for her case is too complex. She really would like to have an immediate fix to her problem. She did a lot of survey and found out about composite veneers that could be her hope. Later on, she found out about us and was putting all her hope with us, hoping for a miracle to happen.

I looked at her sad face and I told myself that I must help this pretty lady. It was going to be a life changing thing for her. She had been troubled with this for too long, and I should be the one to end it. Hence, I discussed with her what needed to be done and how were we going to do it. She agreed to it and from there we started to work.

It was a late evening as Jolin arrived at our clinic quite late. It was quiet as all the other staffs went home already leaving me, my assistant and Jolin waiting for a miracle to happen. My heart was pounding as I knew how important it was for Jolin. I could not tolerate any small tiny mistake to happen. I worked slowly, carefully and steadily. I could hear the clock sound but I had no time to look at it.

Finally, after almost 2 hours, I saw the prettiest smile in the world. Jolin was overjoyed to see the smile that she had been hoping for her whole life. I thought I could almost see tears in her eyes. It was a late Friday evening, we worked overtime for almost 2 hours, but it was all worth it.


The pretty smile after composite veneers













The next day, I received a pretty potrait from Jolin via Whatsapp. It was her with her wide smile in the photo. She wrote underneath the picture “Can’t stop smiling because of you”. It made my day and it made me couldn’t stop smiling. If you were to ask me why I wanted to become a dentist, this is the reason.

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