My half year journey in KPF – Dr Gan

I joined Klinik Pergigian Fauziah (KPF) since 1st June 2017. It has been 7 months since I joined this big family. It was not a long journey, but it was definitely a life changing journey.

My first day at KPF Publika

I used to be very reluctant to join private sector due to a few reasons. One of the primary factors that beheld me was because I had the fear that I would be too money driven and forgot my mission. I wanted to become the heroine dentist to help the need but not becoming the slave of money. Secondly, I was young and I hoped to stay in the government to learn more from the specialist. On top of that, I needed the flexibility to be away from work to attend courses and workshops to improve my skills. Last but not least, I had a very good team that always helped out each other. We were like a family rather than just colleagues. Hence, it was more than scary to even think of turning to the dark side once I joined private sector.However, due to some personal reasons, I had no choice but to quit from public health sector.

Lady luck was by my side and she brought me to Klinik Pergigian Fauziah. I knew Dr Fauziah is The Boss that I had been looking for since the first time I met her. Her philosophy and clinic’s vision and mission are just the way that I thought what a dental clinic should be. Not only that, Dr Fauziah as a person, has so much for me to learn and grow. I believe that I would be a better person, not only as a dentist, but as a person as well.

















If you were to ask me to summarize my half year journey in KPF, I would say that it had been a fruitful half year. I am proud to say that I did not turn to the dark side. I am still the dentist that I wished I would be. I am happy because my patients are happy with my treatments but not because of the money I got. I am happy because I have patients who become my friends that I really enjoy going for a coffee with them. I am happy because whenever I am in doubt, I have Dr Fauziah and Dr Aaron to guide me and share their knowledge with me. I am happy because we have a strong team including dentists from other branches and staffs who are like family and friends.

Training together
My birthday celebration


I sincerely believe that there are more good things to come in my many many half years with KPF. If you are looking for a true friend dentist, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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