White smile: Dr Nik

Salmi knew our clinic through our instagram page and had been reading the posts for quite some time. Seeing those remarkable results from makeovers, she finally decided to get one for herself.

When she came in to see me, she was very sure of what she wants. “Doctor, I want to do veneers from this tooth to this tooth” she said , pointing to her teeth…. “…and I want it to be white”

Yellowish teeth before treatment

“Ok….but do you know that there’s also whitening treatment option to whiten your teeth?” I said as I know that it is my responsibility to make sure that patients know all possible treatment options available for them. “ However…with whitening treatment, I can’t promise you how white the result will be  because it depends on how the whitening gel reacts on your teeth” I explained further.

After giving it a thought , Salmi decided to stick to her original plan , that is to do veneers.

Whiter teeth after veneer treatment

In our clinic we have a few shades of white composite resin materials and I let Salmi choose the one that she like. It took me slightly more than two hours to do the veneers and Salmi was so happy with the result. She now has the white smile that she always wanted….or should I say almost has because I still need to work on the lower teeth to complete her makeover.

See you on your next appointment Salmi!



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