Toothless No More! – Dr. Tan

On a cheerful Wednesday morning, Mr. Zulkifli, my 10:30am appointment walked into the treatment room, looking very nervous and anxious (don’t we all), in his very dashing white shirt with black vertical stripes, dark grey trousers, paired with a casual-smart loafers in navy blue.


This gentleman knew our clinic from Instagram. Hence, you get the idea that he has gone through the feed countless times, hoping to have his very own smile makeover as well.


As always, I’d greet my patients with “How can I help you today?”


Mr. Zulkifli pointed to his upper front teeth and stated these are denture teeth, he would like to have something new, something permanent.


After much detailed discussion on the treatment options available, Mr. Zulkifli, after much thought, he has decided to opt for fiber-reinforced composite bridge.


It’s a good choice, given that the procedure is more conservative and the result can be considered “immediate”.


Delighted with his decision, Mr. Zulkifli hopped on to the dental chair, eager to see the final result!


After 2 hours. It was worth the wait.










Thank you Mr. Zulkifli for choosing us.

For any enquiries, please email

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