2017 Smiles : Dr Dini

In a few days, 2017 will finally come to end. How would you summarized your 2017? As for me, it is tough but nevertheless a BEAUTIFUL year. It is definitely full of ups and downs, good and bad memories. However,as the saying goes; Everything happens for a reason. Live it, love it and definitely LEARN from it. 🙂

As a dentist, I have met a lot of patients this year and some of them become my friends. I also seen  loads of cases and most of it are makeover cases. I’m more than happy to fulfill their wish, after all seeing the satisfaction smile from their faces at the end of the treatment is PRICELESS!

Here are some cases, simple and complicated that I did for 2017  and the result was just amazing!

Composite veneer treatment for a more whiter teeth.
A whiter and brighter teeth with composite veneer treatment.
Replacing the missing tooth with fiber reinforced composite bridge
Straightening the lower teeth with composite veneers.








Lastly, have a wonderful 2018. As the new year dawns,I hope it is filled with the promises of brighter tomorrow.

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