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Prevent Early Childhood Caries
               Prevent Early Childhood Caries


Ever heard that saying where baby’s teeth are only temporary and it is completely fine if they’re broken down to bits, because the new permanent ones are going to erupt anyways.

Well, that’s a completely false statement.

Yes, deciduous (milk) teeth are not permanent, but they help in many ways to ensure proper growth of the permanent adult teeth! Not only do they affect the growth, but also the alignment at where the future permanent teeth will grow to. The roots of these milk teeth guide the crowns of the adult teeth to form, and help them follow a proper path of eruption towards the natural position.

So don’t disregard them! Keep them healthy and strong!









Here are some tips for parents to take note to ensure their baby and child has a good set of milk teeth, and infuture, permanent teeth:

  1. Always wipe off bits of food from their teeth after feeding. Use a warm soft cloth.
  2. Make your child take sips of water and rinse their mouth after feeding.
  3. Do not ever let your child sleep with a bottle in their mouth. (especially a sweeten drink!)
  4. Brush your teeth with them! Make it a family activity. It instils a good habit, plus you spend more time with your kid.
  5. Always brush their teeth before going to bed!
  6. Bring them to the dentist from 3 years and above. This builds a trusting relationship between your child and the doctor.
  7. Continue bringing them to the dentist every 6 months. Regular check ups are healthy and ensures that your child understands the importance of their own oral health.

Follow these tips, and not only will your child have a healthy set of teeth for life, but you as a parent, will too. Not to mention the amount of money saved!


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