Year End Celebration! – Dr. Tan

Although I’m the newest member of the team, I was told that Klinik Pergigian Fauziah has an annual get-together cum celebration of the entire year’s hard work and to brace the holidays!


This year round, the event was held at Dr. Fauziah’s lovely home. In conjunction with the festive season, Dr. Fauziah had a huge Christmas tree set up with beautiful ornaments decorated. Everyone had their fair share of selfies with it, almost a compulsory shot.


Food. Let’s be honest, that is what everyone is concern about at such event; I’m no exception. There was so much food! So much so that the dining table was not big enough, some had to be placed on the kitchen counter!! There were Nasi Lemak, Curry Noodles as entrée, as for appetizers/snacks, there were plenty! Egg sandwich, curry puff, brownies, and walnut butter cake to name a few. I must mention that majority of the food were home made by our dear staffs! I’ve got to give credit to them since they manage to allocate time for food preparation despite our busy schedules!


We had a Secret Santa gift exchange session in conjunction with the Christmas season! Everyone has been so excited ever since it was announced a month ago. Some knew immediately what to get, however some had to seek help from others to better understand the person they are assigned to for gift ideas. It was a conversation starter among us. Some even went around mentioning what they wanted in hopes their Secret Santa would have gotten the hint. Haha!

Lastly, not forgetting Dr. Fauziah’s token of appreciation to all staffs.

She had a good friend of hers, who is an artist, drew a portrait of each and everyone of us into a Star Wars character! That was really the highlight of the day. Everyone had a good laugh and loved it!!

  Presents received!

Note the drawing in the frame! =D
Blessed to have known everyone here in KPF

It was my first time attending the annual get-together, and I must say that the bond amongst everyone is not commonly seen. Doctors seated amongst the supporting staffs, like they were friends with no difference in status, was a sight of awe. Although we are from different branches, but everyone knew each other by name. Joking and laughing together, taking candid pictures and having a good feast together. Klinik Pergigian Fauziah is a happy place, a place we call home.

                           Publika Team
                           Centara Team
                            Melawati Team

I’d like express my utmost appreciation to Dr Fauziah for giving me the opportunity to join her big happy family, and for the freedom to learn and grow as a young practitioner.

We dentists know how to have a good time too!
With the one and only, Dr. Fauziah.

With smiles,

Dr. Tan

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