Flying for beautiful teeth – Dr Gan

Happy New Year!

Time flies, 2017 had came to an end and I had lost count of how many beautiful smiles that I had created.

My last composite veneer patient of the year 2017 was Miss Lala from Singapore.

Miss Lala had a few concerns when she first visited us in August. Firstly, she was concerned about the brown and white patches on two of her front teeth. Secondly, she had hypersensitivity problem ever since her teeth whitening procedure about half a year ago. Thirdly, she hoped to get whiter teeth.

Upon examination, two of her front teeth appeared to be hypocalcified. On top of that, there was some slight spacing in between the teeth. Combining her concerns and my findings, I proposed to do composite veneers for her four front teeth plus Dentcoat to solve her sensitivity issue on top of lightening the shade of her teeth.

Four months after the initial consultation, Lala emailed me that she thought what I proposed was something suitable and would like to come over for treatment. Hence, I booked an appointment for her and she flew from Singapore for the treatment. Lala was lucky as she was the last patient for the Dentcoat treatment in our clinic since Dentcoat is no longer available in Malaysia. She got to use the last stock of Dentcoat available in our clinic.

Two and a half hours Lala spent in our clinic with us to do four composite veneers and Dentcoat. She got her dream smile with no more patches on her teeth and whiter, lesser sensitive teeth. All the troubles to fly from Singapore were worth it for her dream smile.

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