Salia’s Dream Smile : Dr. Dini

We have reached the second week of January. Time flew so fast and without me realizing it, I’ve treated a lot of new patients beginning this year and I would like to share with you  my recent cosmetic case.


Salia, knew us from the Instagram and she asked to have a better smile than what she has now. As you can see from the picture, Salia had old composite fillings that have been discolored on the front upper teeth and on top of that, she also wearing an upper denture to replace the missing left lateral incisor, which is uneven or rather small in size compared to the size of the rest of her teeth.

I proposed to her to do three unit composite veneers and also a fiber reinforced composite bridge to replace the missing upper lateral incisor. Without hesitation, Salia agreed to the treatment plan and booked another appointment, since she was in rush to go  somewhere else.

On the day of her appointment, Salia looked more excited than nervous. I started off, by doing her fiber reinforced composite bridge followed with the veneers. It took me two hours to complete the makeover and Salia was happy and pleased with what she saw at the end of the treatment.


She no longer see the patchy, yellowish and uneven teeth that bothered her so much before, what she see was the new her with her dream smile.

I hope that getting the smile she wishes for would be among the prime of her life for 2018. Do contact me at if you wish to have a smile like Salia.

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