A Wedding Present for the Groom : Dr. Fauziah

Amin flew in from Kuching for his makeover after his wedding last December. His new aunt and uncle had made the appointment for him as his wedding present!

His aunt, Pn Faeza (she had her makeover done a few months ago) introduced him to me, saying that he was starting a new chapter in his life! Amin not only had just married her niece but was also starting a new job in a bank in Kuching where he lives with his new wife.

He walked in excited but a little nervous. He had a big smile on his face and was eager to see how he would look after the makeover! We discussed all his options, crowns or veneers, to balance up his smile and brighten up the center dark root-filled tooth. After answering all his questions and considering that his time was limited in Kuala Lumpur (he was flying back in 3 days) we settled on doing just 4 composite veneers.

Pn Faeza and her husband went off for coffee saying,” Okay Doc, we’re leaving Amin in your good hands. Should we come back after 4 hours?”

I laughed, “No way! Come back after an hour and I promise you you’ll be amazed!”

I said to Amin after they left, “Don’t worry. You can relax, there’ll be no need for injections as I assure you the whole process will be painless!” Amin visibly relaxed and let me do my magic!

Just 45 minutes later I straightened up the dental chair and handed Amin the mirror.

I always love this part of the process as I love watching my patients eyes light up when they first catch sight of their new smile.

Amin looked at himeself and said, “I can’t believe it! It’s … it is …. amazing. It’s magic!”

He kept staring at the mirror with a huge, huge smile. I told him to get up and look in the big mirror so he can see his whole face whilst he waited for his aunt and uncle to return from their coffee break.

“Wow Doc! Amin has taken a whole lot of selfies and sent it to his wife already!” said Pn Faeza when she returned.  She turned to Amin and said, “Wasn’t it worth the trip from Kuching? I hope you love your wedding present!”

I love my job!!

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6 years ago

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