Beautiful life moments to be treasured: Dr Mawarni

Madam Muru came to me asking for a change of her front teeth. She is almost 50 years old. She had fillings done a long time ago and she was not happy with it now. The fillings were defective and had promoted food accumulation. Hence, she also had a localised moderate gum problem.

She had a very large gap in between her 2 central incisors. Very large to the extend I can put another tooth there. For a moment, I sat down thinking of the best options to offer her.

Braces was a no-no as she wanted a fast fix. With the knowledge that I got from cosmetic dentistry courses, it will be against the smile designing principle if I put a tooth there. There will be no midline and it will not be symmetry smile.

Another option would be by just closing the gaps. The two front teeth  will obviously look gigantic and not proportionate at all with the rest. That option would not solve her problem as that was what the previous dentist did for her.

After considering her gum problem and other factors, I’d  proposed her to do fiber reinforced composite bridge and she agreed. She just came for consultation that day and had made appointment to have it done the following week.

Unfortunately for her, I had to postpone her treatment as I was on maternity leave. I delivered baby on the day she made the appointment!

I called her back once I got back from maternity leave as I was so excited to do the smile makeover. Unfortunately, her phone number seemed to always be outside of coverage. I just hoped she would come back to get her oral health and smile treated.

3 months later she came back complaining of gum ache at one of the central incisors. There was a gum swelling there. I was so glad to see Madam Muru again!

She never had scaling done her whole life. I had to anaesthetise (numb) a few areas before I did a really thorough scaling for her. I apologised to her for the procedure as I knew it was not something that she liked. As the saying goes, “no pain no gain”.

Many people do not realize that scaling is actually very important to maintain our gum health. The longer you take to come back to see dentist for a regular cleaning, the more discomfort you will feel during the procedure. I will do my part by being as gentle as I could to minimize the discomfort though.

Top: Before smile makeover treatment, right after scaling. Notice the gigantic 2 central incisors?
Bottom: A tooth is created by means of fiber reinforced composite bridge

Yesterday, she came back for her smile makeover. Her gum improved tremendously after the scaling. After about 2 hours, I managed to complete the treatment. Now, Madam Muru is ready for her daughter’s engagement!

Retracted lips version of before and after treatment photos. This is to show a detail and clearer view of the teeth.

She gave me a bag of baby clothes and a toy for my newborn son. I was very touched by her kind gesture. Honestly , I never received this much of gifts from anyone in my life. She had just made my day, really! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Madam Muru’s surprise gift to me!

I had learnt that sometimes in creating beautiful smiles, I have to make decisions contrary to what I have learnt theoretically. I may go against the principles of smile design. However, I think it is the best option for the patient after considering many factors. It is okay to do that, as long as patient is happy and ultimately it does not do harm to his/her health.

I really enjoy being in this profession not just because of the technical things, but I enjoy creating new relationships with patients regardless of their race, culture or religion.

To Madam Muru, I really hope I have made a positive difference in your life by improving your smile. I hope I have touched your heart the way you have touched mine by your kind gesture. I look forward to serve you and family for life!

Lots and lots of LOVE,
Dr Mawarni

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