Just a little tweak, makes a brighter smile : Dr. Tan

Dear Ms Zahirra has always had her left front tooth slightly crooked, overlapping to the right front tooth. She has always been very aware of it, and like you’ve guessed it, very conscious about the gazes she gets when she talks or smiles.


She visited us at our Menara Centara branch, along with her son.

“ I needed my son to accompany me because I’m so nervous,” she joked.


She has perfectly sound and white teeth, the only concern was just her front teeth.


The solution was pretty straight forward as she wasn’t interested in braces at all.


Direct composite veneers. Just the 2 upper front teeth.


And the results:

      Above is the After photo. Below is Before.

Just a little tweak to the teeth brought her such great joy!!

Like Dr Fauziah, I love my job too!

Dr Tan Swee Ling
Menara Centara

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