Saying Goodbye to Gaps and Denture – Dr Gan

There are many ways to replace a missing tooth. One of the very common methods used was denture. It is a very economical way of replacing missing tooth but many patients have the perception that denture is meant for someone more elderly.

Nina was a young lady who had been wearing denture for more than ten years. She felt terrified when she thought of the idea to continue wearing her denture for the rest of her life. Hence, she came to our clinic to find out if there was any other ways that can replace her missing teeth.

On top of that, she was also bothered with the gaps between her lower teeth. She heard about composite veneers and would like to know if I can close the gaps with composite veneers.

Nina was sad about how her teeth affected her smile

Upon examination, Nina had two missing upper front teeth and there were few gaps between her lower teeth. I proposed to use composite veneers to close the gaps for her lower teeth and fibre-reinforced composite bridges to replace her upper missing teeth. Nina agreed with the treatment plan proposed and decided to proceed with composite veneers first.

On the day of her first visit, I closed the gaps and she was so delighted with her new teeth. She felt more confident with what we could help her. She then made up her mind to replace her denture with something fixed to feel young again!

How Nina looked after I did composite veneers for her lower teeth. She immediately became more confident!

Two months after the first visit, she returned for her fibre-reinforced composite bridges. She was wearing a very nice and beautiful baju kurung. She was going to attend her best friend’s wedding right after the makeover! It took us slightly more than two hours for two bridges but she had the best smile for her best friend’s wedding and she was ready to SMILE at the wedding! I returned her denture at the end of treatment and told her “You can now keep your denture at safe box, and this is for your memory only from today onward!”

New teeth, new smile, new Nina!

I was happy as I not only gave her new teeth, but also I gave her new confident and new young heart!

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Thank you.

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