Dental/tooth wear: Dr Nik

Recently I had one beautiful young lady who came to see me regarding her upper front teeth that had been worrying her a lot lately. She realised that her teeth were thinning and even though it was filled twice before, the filling does not last and eventually comes off.

Shiny translucent wear edges on two center teeth

Upon examination, I realised that she has dental attrition. Dental attrition is a type of tooth wear caused by tooth to tooth contact, resulting in loss of tooth surface…in this case, the incisal or the edge of her two front teeth. The attrition had left her two centre front teeth with shiny wear facets as what is left at the edge is just enamel which is translucent in nature.

There are few treatment options available for her problem and I choose the most minimally invasive treatment which is composite veneers. By doing veneers, not only will the worn area be covered, but at the same time I was able to build up the front surface of the teeth that were rather flat and lengthen the teeth.

After composite veneer treatment

In the end, she has two upper centre teeth that are now slightly longer with some surface curvature and obviously no more translucent worn off teeth edges. Ultimately, I gave her more natural looking teeth…. and the most important thing is, she was happy and less worried that her teeth might fracture.

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