A Confident Smile With Just A Filling – Dr Tan

Smile makeovers, no doubt we here in KPF, are no stranger to that.
Be it composite veneers, fiber reinforce composite bridges, or crowns. You name it, we have done it all.

However, let’s not forget that not everyone needs the above mentioned. Sometimes, just a filling would suffice.

Just a few days ago, Nor Azuani Yusmi visited us here in Menara Centara. She was concern of the very unpleasing appearance of the existing filling on her front tooth.

I can’t imagine how she has been tolerating with this filling in her front tooth. She disclosed that she would never be able to laugh or talk without consciously reminding herself that she needs to cover her mouth, to avoid the stares from her husband, family, friends and also colleagues.

Those with similar concerns, I am sure you can relate to her.

Fillings involving restoring tooth contact, is always a challenge. Why?, you ask. Very simple, God’s creation is always unique, and we are just trying our mighty best to mimic the natural tooth structure, to make it as natural as possible, in order for it to go unnoticeable.

This is my effort to mimic her natural teeth. I am very glad that she loved it.
“Very much better than before,” that was her first comment, with a very very broad smile.

These are the moments that my passion for my work feeds on, and drives me to always give the best I can to the next patient.

Thank you for reading!


Dr Tan Swee Ling
KPF Menara Centara

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