Frenectomy via laser: Dr Mawarni

Nuhud came over for inquiry about her gum condition.
She was worried about her receeding gum of her lower front teeth.
She wanted to know the root cause of the problem and options to solve it.
Gum recession can occur due to several reasons. The most common are
1) Excessive force or usage of hard tooth brush during brushing, or both  and
2) Gum disease due to ineffective removal of plaque.

The gum recessions pattern of these 2 main reasons are usually generalized.

However, Nuhud gum recessions were localized at her lower front teeth only. Her oral hygiene was also very good.

I also noticed there was a strong labial frenum attachment at her lower lip. That was most probably the cause of the problem.

Nuhud’s strong labial frenum and the gum recession involving her 3 front teeth

This attachment had caused persistent strong pulling force to the adjacent gum that eventually contributed to the recession.

Frenum is a membranous fold of skin or mucous membrane that supports or restricts the movement of a part or organ, such as the small band of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

I advised her to do frenectomy (removal of the frenum) via laser. This is to minimize the chance of the receeding gums from getting worse.

The procedure was very simple and performed under local anaesthesia.

The greatest advantage of frenectomy via laser are less bleeding and no suture is required.

The wound right after laser frenectomy. No bleeding and no suture required!

As for the existing gum recession, unfortunately the lost gum can never grow back.

In order to cover the root, Nuhud needs to undergo a procedure called gum grafting or accept the condition as it is.

If she chooses the latter, I advised her to come for 6 months check up without fail.

This is so that we can monitor the recession whether it is stagnant or becoming worse.

On the appointment day, she came feeling nervous. As expected, she had done her personal research and had watched the procedure done in youtube. So, she was mentally prepared.

It took me around 20 mins to complete the procedure. She was scheduled to come back in 2 weeks time.

At her review visit, I was so happy that the wound was nicely healed. There was a little scarring of the tissue seen.

Complete wound closure after 2 weeks. Minimal discomfort experienced!

As for the post operative healing experience, Nuhud only took painkiller till the day after. I also prescribed her with gengigel, a gel applied at the wound area to aid in the healing process.

She was also happy with the outcome and had gained the courage to make appointment for surgical removal of her 3rd molar at the next visit. I am so glad that she had overcome her dental anxiety!

 Till we meet again Nuhud!
~email me at for more enquiries =)
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3 years ago

how much for this treatment?