The Best Moment That Mira had Been Waiting – Dr Gan

Mira is a perfectionist. She is pretty, she is successful in her career and she has a lovely family.

She has a very high expectation in every aspect of her life and she worked very hard towards her success.

However, there was one thing in her life that had been bothering her– her teeth. She was not very satisfied with her teeth but she had very little control of what she can do to make her teeth perfect.

Mira researched about what she can do to make her teeth perfect and found our clinic. She read about composite veneers and was impressed with what composite veneer can do and she would really like to have that kind of perfect teeth.

On the day of her makeover, we discussed about what she liked and she did not like about her teeth.

She was unhappy about the stain on one of her front teeth. She was upset that she has a smaller right lateral incisor. Also, the sizes of her front teeth were not equal. On top of that, she was interested to do a teeth whitening to make her teeth brighter.


                                                                                    The front view before the makeover




The left view before makeover
The right view before makeover











After understanding her requirement, we proceeded with teeth whitening first. Following that, I did six composite veneers for her. We had some adjustments before finalizing to make them suited Mira better.

Mira loves her new teeth










Mira was on cloud nine after the makeover and she said that this had been the moment that she had been waiting for—to have perfect teeth and perfect smile.

I made her day and at the same time she made mine too! It is always great to be able to help people to complete her life with a perfect smile! The reason I love my job!

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