The gaps are finally gone: Dr Nik

This is a story of a patient who had been postponing her treatment for so many years. She would ask me the same question every time she brought in her parents for their dental treatment. Her parents are now in their nineties and she herself had been a retiree for many years.

For the past few times that she accompanied her parents here, she would asked me whether I can help to close up the gaps that she has on her lower front teeth and promised to come back for the treatment but she never did. Finally she gave us a call and came in for the treatment.

Lower gaps before treatment

It was a pleasant surprised to finally see her coming in for her own treatment. After a lengthy  discussion  and explanation on the treatment process, I proceeded with the treatment. We went with cosmetic fillings to close up the gaps and it took slightly more than one hour to complete it.

After cosmetic fillings treatment.

It turned out really nice and I did suggested that she replace her old discoloured filling on her upper left center tooth for a complete dental makeover but she refused to do it on that same day. She promised to come back for the treatment and I really hope that she will not procrastinate and come back soon  for the treatment…because I don’t think the makeover look is complete with that unsightly upper discoloured filling, do you?


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