Dark Shadow No More : Dr. Dini

Picture a: Before-dark shadow appearance on the left lateral incisor.
Picture b: Before- dark shadow appearance on the right central incisor
Picture c : Before- an obviously decayed front teeth causing patient reluctant to smile widely.









Have you seen these kind of appearance on someone’s teeth when they smile? Or you, yourself have these kind of dark spots or shadow?  The hesitation to smile wide when meeting up with friends or colleagues, or covering your mouth with hand when laughing out loud when you heard  someone’s joke. I can understand the feeling. Fret not! We have solution for this 🙂

This is called dental caries. What is dental caries, you may asked? By simple definition, dental caries is decay or crumbling of a tooth. It is a cavity formation in teeth caused by bacteria.

What is the solution for this? A simple composite restoration or composite veneers can be done to restore the tooth again and to get back the confidence when you’re smiling.

These are the ‘after’ result for the above picture. Do contact me at dini@story.drfauziah.com if you wish to improve your smile or you know someone in dire need of the treatment.

Picture a: After- A simple composite restoration was done for this patient.
Picture b: After- no more dark shadow appearance with a simple composite restoration.
Picture c: after- She will no longer reluctant to flash her brand new smile.











Dr. Dini

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