Am I suitable for dental veneer and cosmetic fillings treatment? : Dr Nik

No doubt the best treatment for crooked teeth or teeth with gaps is orthodontic treatment. However when we are a grown up, the idea of wearing braces is not so appealing. I have many patients in their late twenties and above came in seeking for possible treatment to correct or beautify their teeth without wearing braces.

In very mild cases of crooked teeth or gaps there’s an option to beautify it, and make it look aligned by means of doing veneers or cosmetic fillings. Unfortunately for those with severe crowding there’s no other way than to realign the teeth with orthodontic (braces) treatment.

For the lucky ones, they can get their dream smile in just one visit treatment (for composite veneer and cosmetic filling, for porcelain veneer it will be two visit). The treatment normally takes around two hours depending on numbers of teeth need to be treated.

These are examples of cases that are suitable for composite veneers and cosmetic fillings. If you have any of these types of problem, your teeth might be suitable to be corrected with veneers or cosmetic fillings.

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