Unexpected twist : Dr Nik

As the title reads, things didn’t turn out as planned.

I first saw this patient of mine who knew us from our Instagram page in December last year.  She came  all the way from Negeri Sembilan and requested for a crown on her upper right centre tooth that is discoloured.

Dark discouloured tooth

Looking at the discolouration of the tooth, I knew that it must be a dead tooth. Now the question is whether the tooth had been root treated or not because for a dead tooth it has to be root treated first prior to doing a crown.

As I checked on the tooth, I can see that there’s a temporary filling at the inside or behind surface of the tooth. ” I can see that there’s a temporary filling on this tooth and I assumed that you had root treatment before..have you completed the root canal treatment?” I asked her.

“Yes, I had root treatment on this tooth before …I went for the first visit because the tooth was giving me so much pain and was supposed to go for the follow up but I didn’t since there’s no more pain”

“That means the root treatment is not complete yet” I said and she nodded. “In order for me to do a crown on this tooth , we have to complete the root treatment first”

I explained to her the root treatment and the visits that she has to attend to complete the treatment. Since she stays far from our clinic, she decided to go back to her previous dentist in Seremban to complete the root canal and will set an appointment with me for the crown once she completed the treatment.

Composite veneer to mask the discolouration

Hence, I saw her today. Her appointment was to do the crown. My assistant had prepared all the instruments and materials needed for me to do the crown…but as she settled down on dental chair she told me that the root treatment hasn’t complete yet. She went for her supposed final treatment visit two days ago but there’s a problem and she needs an extra visit  to complete her treatment.

“My wedding is in less than 2 weeks time..I know that I can’t do crown yet and I really hope that you can do something to make it look nicer for my wedding”

“The only possible treatment is to do composite veneer…it will be a great challenge to mask the dark colour of your tooth but I promise I’ll do my best” I said

It was very challenging indeed…It took me almost one hour to do just one composite veneer but it was worthwhile. My patient was very happy with the result and so was I. It was a happy feeling to know that I had helped her in her preparation for her big day and hope that she will have a wonderful wedding.



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