A Brand New Smile : Dr. Dini

Fatin is a mother of three active boys. We knew each other because our children went to the same pre-school in Taman Permata. She first brought her eldest son for a dental check up. Being a working mum, she always gave priority to her family first before herself (something I can relate to). During that visit, after finished treated her son, she asked me if I could do something about her front teeth.She wasn’t happy with the current look She knew that she needed to improve her smile to boast her confidence level. I told her I could redo her current filling with a simple composite restoration. She was happy with the answer and immediately booked an appointment to see me a week later.


As you can see from the picture, Fatin had old composite restoration that has been discolored and I also found that she had secondary caries on her left central incisor.

I started off with the routine scaling and polishing and proceeded with composite filling on her right lateral and two central incisors. Within one and half hours, I completed the the treatment and handed Fatin a mirror for her to see her new smile.

“Wow! exactly what I wanted.” She said.“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She said excitedly. “I’m loving my new smile !!!” She added.


This sort of happiness from a patient make me love my job more.

As we bade our good-bye, I couldn’t stop smiling and feeling grateful that a simple procedure brought happiness to a person.

It’s true as they said, a smile is a crooked line that can make everything straight!


Dr. Dini (dini@story.drfauziah.com)

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