A solution to dental emergency: Dr Mawarni

Steven is from Scotland. He is currently undergoing a 3 months bachelor’s degree twinning programmes in a private university at Cyberjaya.

He came to me 2 weeks after being robbed whilst strolling along Bukit Bintang street. He was hit on the head and fell down. The thief took all his valuables and managed to escape.

As a result, he had minor bruises, mobile and fractured front teeth. He rushed to Putrajaya Hospital as it was the nearest hospital to his house. The dentist splinted his mobile teeth and gave him painkiller and antibiotic medication.

Steven wanted a fast solution to his problems. He knew it was not possible to get that done through government service. Hence, he looked for private dental clinic online and found us. He booked an appointment through the website.

During the appointment day, Steven came alone and smiling. I could see that despite the problems that he was having, he was calm and always smiling.

His chief complaint was his chipped front tooth and still a bit mobile and sore front teeth.

I could see that there was a splint from canine to canine to stabilize his front teeth which were affected the most from the attack.

Steven’s main request was to get his chipped front tooth fixed as soon as possible.

I will need to remove the splint first in order to run a few more investigations before coming to the conclusive diagnosis and treatment plan.

After splint removal, he complaint of awful pain. A radiograph of his whole mouth was taken (specifically CBCT/ 3D radiograph). His lateral left incisors had root fracture and was not savable.

Horizontal through and through root fracture noted at his left lateral incisor.
Fractured crown of left central incisor also visible.

As for the chipped front tooth, its pulp was dead due to the impact of the fall. Fortunately, there was no fracture of his jaw bones.

A 3D radiograph was taken to ensure no other fracture at the other part of the jaw.

We had a lengthy discussion of the treatment plan. One of his front tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with several options.



Before treatment: The splint wire was done to stabilize the mobile teeth in Hospital Putrajaya











He had scaling done, root canal treatment initiated on the dead central incisor, filling of the chipped incisor and extraction of the non savable lateral incisor tooth.

He wanted to discuss the options to replace his missing tooth with his dad first before making the final decision.

In less than a week, he came back to complete his root canal treatment and get his missing tooth replaced. He had decided to do fiber reinforced composite bridge to replace the missing tooth. He also requested to do whitening.

Unfortunately, I could not complete his root canal treatment as the condition of the tooth did not permit me to do so. He needed at least 3 weeks for the intracanal medication to work and for the infection to settle down.

Nevertheless, I still proceed with replacement of the lateral incisor tooth.

In about 3 hours, Steven finally got his tooth back and a brighter smile! He gave me a ‘high-5’ and loved his new smile.

Steven’s smile after treatment 🙂











“I never thought I could get my smile back this soon.Thank you Doctor,” he said.

He needed to come back for review and completion of the root canal treatment in a month time.

Till then, keep smiling Steven!

~Write to me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com for enquiries. 😀

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