Couple Makeover – Dr Tan

It’s February. The month of romance, love and happiness.
You’d think of the warmth relationships bring, be it from your life partner, family members, or friends.

It was a very cosy feeling for me to see this particular couple whom I have the privilege to treat.

Mr. Hafizuddin & Mdm Rashidah.
A young couple, both in their early 30’s, about to embark in a journey called life together.

Let’s start with Mdm Rashidah. She had a very nice set of dentition. Her only concern was, the gap.

The gap is present at the front teeth, hence making her very conscious in her daily interactions with people.

I bet you would have guessed it. We decided on veneers.

Needless to say, she was happy.


Mr Hafizuddin, he on the other hand has a handful of dental problems that we have to fix. He has multiple dental caries, affecting more on his upper front teeth.

However, he chose to accept treatment, two at a time. Well, that’s good enough for me, better to start slow than to not start at all.

Scaling & polishing done, as well as removal of caries.

Are you loving the results?
There is more work to be done.

Dental treatment can also be done as a couple activity. Always encourage your spouses and loved ones to remember to visit their neighbourhood dentist for a thorough check up.


Hope you have a good week ahead.

Dr Tan Swee Ling, signing out.



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