Aina’s New Smile : Dr. Dini


Meet Aina. She is in her twenties and from Seremban. She came to see me with her main complaint of closing the minor gap that she had on her front teeth. She had filling done on that tooth few years back and recently she realized there was a gap. The gap made her felt uncomfortable when talking and smiling.

Once I completed the initial examination, I pointed out few things that she missed. I told her about the discoloration of the filling and the uneven size of the central incisors.  I also pointed to her the ‘tucked-in’ left lateral incisor. Sometimes patient would  not notice the other problems they might have. As a dentist , it is necessary to highlight the other imbalance or unnoticed problems. Having explained all these, I suggested  her to do four unit composite veneers instead of just closing the front gap in order to get a smile she dream of.  After listening to my explanation , Aina has agreed with my treatment plan.

In less than two hours, I managed to fulfill her dream smile and voila….she’s good to go! And to smile brightly too 🙂

After- Beautiful smile.

Drop me a line at so we can help you rebuild your self-confidence  and achieving your dream smile 🙂

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