Beautiful Survivor – Dr. Tan

This sweet looking lady is a cancer survivor.

She has completed her chemo and radiotherapy 16years ago.

However, it is not advisable for extractions as we worry she might suffer from osteoradionecrosis, a common complication post radiotherapy.


Hence I decided to do what I can for her, fillings, and stressed that she should follow up her condition as well as dental health with the hospital. She agreed.


She also explained that she has very limited mouth opening from her condition, and wondered if fillings were even possible.


True enough, she only has mouth opening that could fit one finger.


I thought to myself, she is lady, now that she has recovered, I bet she is concern of her appearance more than anything else, and it has already been 16 years!


I took up the challenge, I said, “we should at least fix the front teeth.”


With that hope in mind, she agreed.

New and improved smile.

She was delighted. I noticed she was hiding her smile anymore.
I wish her the very best in her next follow up and hope the dental team in the hospital could help her with the extractions required.

Till then, smile on.


Dr. Tan Swee Ling


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