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Many of us have a job that need to deal with customers and clients daily. One of the most important things for the servicing line will be the appearance. Tones of money are spent daily to improve personal image. However, it is really sad that most of the people are spending money on the make up or attires but not on the teeth. In fact, one of the most effective ways to improve your look is by improving your teeth.


Zara’s job requires her to deal with customers everyday. She always thrive to improve herself to perform better in her job. In fact, she had been with this jobs for almost thirty years but she is never bored with it.


Her immediate concern when she came to me was the gaps between her lower teeth. Also, she was concerned about her missing teeth on the upper jaw.











I proposed to her to do composite veneers to close the gaps between her lower teeth. As for the upper missing tooth, she decided to go with fibre-reinforced composite bridge to replace the single  missing tooth. At the same time, we could improve her upper front teeth with composite veneers as well.


She came three times to finish her makeover. First visit to do composite veneers for her lower teeth. The second visit being fibre-reinforced composite bridge and the last visit was to do composite veneers for the rest of her upper front teeth.












Zara was really happy with the outcome of the makeover. She would be receiving her long service award in March and she has no problem at all to show her brightest smile during the ceremony. As for me, I am happy not only because I gave Zara the best smile, but also I can add one good friend in my friend list!


Should you have any problem with your teeth or smile, feel free to contact me at

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