Fissure sealant: Dr Nik

You’ve heard the expression , “prevention is better than cure” and it has never been more true than in dental health. Avoiding damage to your teeth through sound oral care beats trying to fix problems after they arise.

Apart from the usual brushing , flossing and using mouthwash , pit and fissure sealant is an extra oral care method to prevent tooth decay. It is especially beneficial to children , who most of them I’m sure are very prone to get tooth decay as they are well known to have sweet tooth and are too little to understand the importance of keeping oral cavity clean.

Pit and fissure sealant is a coating that covers the chewing surfaces of the permanent teeth. The chewing surfaces of back teeth have small grooves or fissures which often extend right down into the tooth itself. These fissures are very difficult to clean thoroughly and tends to get decay because food particles easily stick to them. By applying pit and fissure sealants, the fissures are sealed and food won’t stick on the surface hence reducing the possibility of getting decays.

Pit and fissure sealants treatment are painless and it can be done as early as 6 or 7 years old when the first permanent molars appears in the mouth. These sealants normally can last for few years before they worn off and can be re apply if needed.


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