Building out of almost nothing: Dr Nik

I had a very interesting  and challenging case last week that made me thought through a lot of factors in deciding and planning the best possible treatment plan for him.

In my appointment schedule, this new patient booked an appointment for extractions and denture. I assumed that he is in at least late 30’s to have to need a denture, however I was wrong. To my surprised, stood in front of me was a very young man in his early 20’s. In doubt , I asked him to reconfirm treatment requested.

“Yes Doctor, I need few extractions because three of my front teeth fractured and I need a denture to replace them” he said and I clearly saw the teeth that was broken.

“Okay, let me have a look and check your teeth first before we proceed with the treatment…if possible I would like to try to save the teeth since you are still very young”

Broken teeth with minimal tooth surface left

Upon examination , apart from the three broken teeth that he was concern with, there are few cavities that needed fillings and he also have failing old fillings that have leakages , stained and need replacement.

After explaining his overall dental condition, I focused on his main concern and discussed in detail the treatment option. Of course one of the options is extractions and do a denture to replace them, which is simple and quite straight forward….and it’s the cheapest too. However I explained to him the importance of keeping the teeth in place to avoid bone loss and wearing denture at a very young age.

Building up remaining teeth structure with composite resin

To save the teeth, ideally he will need to go through elective root canal treatment followed by crowns but financially at the moment he can’t afford the cost of the treatment. To buy some time , I proposed to do cosmetic dental fillings and build up the teeth with composite resin. He will definitely needs to come back later for the definite treatment and to redo the old front failing fillings on the other teeth.

To my relieved , he agreed to my treatment plan and it took me 1.5 hours to complete the treatment. I was glad that I can save the tooth and the most important thing was my patient was very happy with the outcome. Now he can smile wider than before and I really hope that I will see him soon to continue with other treatments.


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