Chasing after your dream smile: Dr Mawarni

Yani is an Indonesian who had worked in Malaysia for a few years. She was not happy with her front dental gap and her loose lower denture.

She stayed in Puchong. I was impressed that she was willing to left her house at early hours and travelled to our clinic by 2 buses when she had the option to just go to a clinic near her house.

She wanted to get her smile improved before going back home in Indonesia for good.

Top: Mulyani before treatment. She had a large gap and loose lower denture.
Bottom: Very natural looking smile after the treatment

I advised her to redo her loose lower old denture with a more comfortable valplast denture. She had been wearing that denture for many years.

A denture can become loose overtime because our jaw bone shrink slowly with time.

A valplast denture is another option to reduce the discomfort as valplast is a flexible denture that grips better.

It is because it grips the adjacent teeth with its extension arms. It is also more aesthetic if compared to the common acrylic type.

She agreed to the treatment plan proposed and patiently came until the treatment completed.

Yani finally got her dream smile that she had longing for. Her every effort of chasing after her dream smile was really worth it!

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