Treating my lovely, little patient : Dr Mawarni

Rya is my little patient. She is 4 years old this year. She has been my patient ever since she was about 2 years old.

Her parents had made mistakes by pampering her with sugary diet when she was much younger. Hence, she had some cavities at her front teeth.

Rya’s teeth before treatment

With proper oral health education given to her parents and herself, Rya now is motivated in keeping her teeth clean and wanted a beautiful smile.

Her parents had brought her to get the decayed front teeth fixed several times. At her previous visits, she cried and screamed throughout the procedure. Maybe she was still small. So, it was difficult for her to follow my instructions.

Comforting Rya during treatment

It was very tough for me to do a perfect job for her as the composite material used for dental filling is very sensitive to moisture. Therefore, the filling did not last long and dislodged in a few weeks as she could not cooperate.

Recently, Anna, Rya’s mother had started an online business for kids clothing. Rya was one of the models. Unfortunately she could not pose smiling with her teeth seen.

This had drove Anna to bring her again one more time. To my surprise, Rya had improved quite a lot. With the help of 3 nurses holding her during treatment, and some words to calm her, I managed to complete dental fillings of her 4 front teeth.

Prettier smile after treatment 🙂

I pray that this time around, the filings will last until her permanent teeth erupt.

It was always an extra challenge to do children’s teeth. However, it is a great feeling of accomplishment for me as a dentist to see how I could make them smile happily at the end of a successful treatment.

Rya was really happy with her new smile and couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

The key is to not giving up and stay positive. We always reward them with gifts to create a happy environment and experience at the end of the treatment.

Another tip for all parents, do make it a culture to come for your routine dental check up in the family. Most people tend to come only after problem arises. The earlier you start the better as prevention is always better than cure.



Rya now is a more confident, cheerful and lovely little girl!

I look forward to become her permanent dentist for life! 😘

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